We hope by following guidelines, you will be able to increase your product sale through the product image ad.

Get familiar with rules and guidelines:
As a seller what can be the expectation of Amazon, try to find out this at first. In this case, there are a number of guidelines and tutorials which can help you to clear this confusion. In Amazon’s downloadable seller’s guide, it is clearly mentioned that there should a photograph with the white background of every product. White background helps the buyer to see the products clearly.

If you are not an expert in photography or don’t have the experience to work with professionals photographers then you must use an advanced picture editing software. You can take help from the expert photographer or studio as outsourcing to make your product image perfect look with white background.

Due to lack of expertness in the photographic subject, you might not get the exact look to your products images. That is why it is recommended to hire the perfect and exact expert in the particular field who can fulfill your desired look to your product and can help you to save your time and energy.

Specific Amazon Image Guidelines:
The image should have the full capture of the entire product and there should not be any annoying text or watermark, this is one of the important requirements of Amazon product Ad. 85% of the image of the product should present in the Ad and image has to be captured by 500 pixels on one side so that potential client can choose the better product from the images.

Actually, in Amazon seller’s guide, it is clearly suggested that product picture should be at 1000 to 1000 pixels. The reason behind is the bigger and colorful the images are, the Amazon product ad will be more quality some and perfect.

On the Internet, there are a number of e-books and online guides of selling products. One important advice for the potential sellers from the top sellers of Amazon is seller always should focus on the product’s ads as a buyer’s point of view before posting those on Amazon.

Customers not only see the images, they always try to make a judgment about the product. Whether it can be good or bad but the main thing is they make an instant decision by seeing the product images. So it’s very much important to post a good quality image so that customers can see them well and have a positive review about the ads.

As buyers always have the better option to choose from a number of product ads so it must be different and eye-catching from the other ads. They always make up their mind promptly by seeing the images so there is no need to say that how much important to take a perfect snap of the products. We can easily take a snap by a mobile phone and then can post it though but it will not catch the attention that much than a person post a professional’s portfolio.

Using Multiple Images:
If there is more than one picture of any product then it can be more helpful to the buyers to choose the best one. That is why it is very much crucial to use multiple numbers of images to present the product from the different point of view.

Amazon’s guidelines are the best source of reviewing any product images, that’s the reason Amazon only allow the professional product photography.

Image Quality
Product images should contain a high-quality resolution. The background of the images must be looking to be pure white so that it can be clearly seen by the potential buyer. There must need to have 85% free space available in Amazon product ad. As graphics, illustrations and any kind of text are not allowed to be used in Amazon product image so it needs to better look by 1500 into 1500 pixels.

Cropping the Images:
If one single frame contains more than one or two pictures that would be highly praiseworthy. That is why seller needs to be more concerned about using bigger images within a frame. The number of viewing of the ads will depend on how much images can be presented in a single frame.

An image should be presented from multiple angles so that viewers can have the better idea which one is best to buy and ultimately it will help to increase the sale of the products.

High-Resolution Photographs:
When the product image looks to be blurred, unclear or messy then it is obvious that views will not find any interest to buy the products. Where a bright, colorful and highly rated image can promptly capture the attention of the buyer, make compelled them to buy the products from Amazon. So it is undoubtedly a very essential to have the best photograph to make the product ads.

So it is ultimately a number of guidelines which can make better to produce amazing ads in the Amazon of products. Who wants to get succeeded in the Amazon Marketing, they will definitely go for seeking help from the professional to make their product looks good. When the ads are good, it attracts more buyers to buy the product so the ultimate result is positive to gain more profit.

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