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In e-commerce photo shoot of the product is a very crucial issue. Without good and appropriate photographs, it is almost impossible to be succeeded in business. Today’s marketing is based on electronic media or the Internet. Whatever is happening, it is almost done by the cover of technology.

So to approach the product of any business, the first impression matters most. If the product looks good on social media then, 80% job of promotion is done. In a case of jewelry products, it is very much vital to present those products attractively to the audience. It must have to look stunning and gorgeous on the website or advertise.

Without proper clicking of jewelry by an expert photographer, the client will not understand the exact value or beautifulness of the products. Photographers have to keep in mind that jewelry should be reflective in a way so that shadow and other hard parts can be seen easily. If ordinary jewelry is presented in an artistic way then it will create additional value to the artistic viewers.

Apart from the skill of a photographer, there are some other tricks which might be used for looking good of the jewelry. In e-commerce, as it is already said that product photography adds some extraordinary value to its customers, jewelry photo shoot must be appropriate. It needs proper resolution when takes the image so that it can be seen clearly by its potential buyers.

A number of ways can be used for taking the photographs but using white background is the most perfect and acceptable one by the photographers. It is preferable as here removing background is a very much easy task. However, using a normal white surface or any white material for the background is the best way. But there are some others issues should keep in mind when using a white background for the jewelry, they are such as:

Near the window:
If the jewelry is very much shiny then there is no needed of extra camera’s flash in case of the shooting. By using unnecessary flash, jewelry intended to look light-weight and blurry. Always keep in mind that using natural light; your products will look more stunning and eye-catching.

To use natural light in shooting, uses of the sun or an indirect light is very much crucial. For that reason the position of the jewelry is important. Near to the window can be the best position in that case.

With an integral flash, bright daylight can produce reflections and harsh shadows; therefore it is desirable to diffuse the sunshine. It is possible by covering the window with a white sheet or piece of paper; then the other color can modification with the color of the sunshine.

A white sheet or piece of paper:
The reflective property of most jewelry means it’ll absorb all different colors, therefore one should to shoot on a white backcloth to make synchronization of the color of the piece. White conjointly reflects light-weight whereas dark colors absorb it, therefore the product is higher demand if it can be shot on a white backcloth.

When a product picture is taken by a smart photographer using smart technology, it becomes more durable than others. Sometimes it is easy to use a white sheet or a piece of paper for creating a white background where the paper has to fold in 0.5.

A mannequin bust:
By using the exact prop, the jewelry can get a new and best look. Most craft stores sell mannequin bust for necklaces, they can be the perfect one for looking at the ornaments more different and unique.

It is found that almost all stores stock black busts, as they create ornaments stand out and provides it with a way of magnificence. However, as we discussed within the purpose on top of, photographing the product on white can build it look far better. Jewelry is not an exception. Therefore if you simply have a black jewelry bust, cowl it with a white artifact and so take the picture.

If you have no mannequin then, try to produce a sort of white writing board. Grab a bit of cardboard, cowl it in written report and pin or tape the ends of your jewelry to the rear. You can modify the length of the chain with wherever you decide on to clip it, therefore no need to worry about an excessive amount paper.

Though cardboard using is the little bit time consuming but it is perfect for jewelry products. It shows the shape of the products and can look pretty smart once you take the picture from the front.

Camera & Accessories:
A good camera is must need for clicking good photographs. Along with the good camera, some elements should be attached there too. A photographer should know about how to use the exact lenses for taking the snap of jewelry in white background. The perfect resolution, white balance, zooming position, use of brightening light, focal power all are important to know before taking a good photograph.

Few angles:
As we all know that every customer wishes to see the product from all angles as if they’re examining it and turning it over in their hands, whereas standing during a physical shop front. The additional angles and pictures you produce to push your product, it will be better.

That is why there is a tendency to suggest shooting a minimum of a straight-on image from the front, an angular image from the front, a close-up detail shot and a high read, as shown on top of. There are lots of different angles that one just may shoot—just bear in mind to remain consistent!

Lightning & Reflection:
Lightning and Reflection both are an important element for the photograph of jewelry product. Because of harsh lighting, it may lose its glaze or purity. In the case of jewelry photography, if soft light or natural light can be used as flashing light that will be better for having the perfect white background.

Same is applicable for reflection too. When a shot is taken then it should be noticed that the shadow or reflection must be consistent with the background. Sometimes unnecessary reflection can spoil the whole picture.

By following these principles in jewelry product photography, one can extremely facilitate boost the skilled “white look” of the background of the photos and hopefully, boost the sale of the jewelry product!

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